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Who is RAOAtech?

Hey there, we are RAOAtech, a Canadian Technology Company. Our area of expertise is 360-degree technical support. From the very beginning of developing a website or a mobile application to the marketing of that product, we provide full support to our clients. Our dedicated teammates are always there to help out each of our clients.

The company started operation from July 2018. Our main goal is to drive the full customer satisfaction. With highly specialized developers and advanced marketing solutions, we provide a compact e-commerce solution to the clients.

We believe in: Culture - Core Values - Community

With the expansion of our core values, we develop our own culture. We have created a functional surrounding, driven by our own culture. We always encourage individual growth, because, own development unitedly prompts the growth of the community. Our team is the innovators and, developers of our community. And to improve our strength is our duty. So, it comes with one of the core values that we nurture our community and always work on developing ourselves in every single aspect.

Quick facts about us

  • A certified corporation
  • We are a successful data-driven software company
  • Our teammates are our strength
  • Our primary focus is 100% customer satisfaction.

Get in Touch with us

  • AddressUnit 24, 2325 Ranger Lane, Port Coquitlam, BC, V3B0K7
  • Phone+1.604.506.9009